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Contact & Bio

+27 (0)72 922 9020

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André Steyn is a freelance VFX artist based in Cape Town, South Africa.

His background includes engineering and commercial editing with award winning Wicked Pixels.

Having worked over a decade as a compositor, and rotoscope team leader, on award winning commercials and oscar nominated films, André has gained a well rounded perspective of the industry.

He currently works primarily as a VFX Supervisor, VFX compositor and Rotoscoping team leader.

André also trains less privileged youngsters with an interest in visual effects.
As a compositor André offers set extensions, matt paintings, projection, sky replacements, rig removals, cleanups, 2D & 3D tracking, 2D and 3D integration. He strives to become a better 3D artist and immerse himself in virtual reality and virtual productions.

He manages a team of freelance rotoscopers to tackle any big deadline.

André's favorite tools are
NukeX, Mocha Pro, Houdini, Resolve, Reality Capture, PTGui Pro

Let his work speak for itself.

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